Do you have more ideas than time to implement them? Do you find yourself wondering what to do next in your business and how to get it all done? Having run her own business since 2003 and having worked with several business coaches in that time, Susan has found working with coaches hugely powerful in moving her life and her business forward in a way that matters to her.  After all, when you own your own business, your business is your life! Now offering leadership coaching to her clients, Susan has a special interest in work/life balance and moving your career/business forward while putting family first.  Trained through CTI, the Coaches Training Institute, Susan leads her clients through a powerful process that helps them become visionary leaders in their personal lives as well as in their businesses.

On Leadership

What is leadership? What is your leadership style? When Susan first started formally studying leadership in 2008, she was blown away by the realization that she could rate her happiness and success at each position she held in her career by the style of leader she had as a boss. She knew then that leadership was not just important, but imperative to the success of an organization, a team, and an individual. Susan has been providing advice to leaders of organizations throughout her 20+ year career as a PR Consultant. Good communications, however, is just one aspect of excellent leadership. You can be advised on what to say, but if people don’t believe you, and you don’t have any followers, you’re really not leading anyone.

We can all step into the leadership roles we are called to at work, in our business and in our personal lives. Susan helps her clients uncover their authentic leadership style through one-on-one personal coaching sessions. For more information on how Susan works with her coaching clients, visit