What can Elford Communications do for you?

  • Do your clients understand what you do? Do you know what your clients think about you? Do you have a clear path forward for your communications in 2014 and beyond? If the answer to any of these questions is “no” or “I don’t know” then you can benefit from the services of Elford Communications. Call Elford Communications to help focus your communication goals, clarify your message and have the opportunity to SHINE just a little more.
  • Elford Communications can help you SHINE, connect with people in a way that contributes to your organizations success, and get your message heard.
  • Start with the end I mind. Call Elford Communications.
  • Do you wish you could be heard a little more clearly?




Contact us for Calgary communications, Corporations come to Elford Communications for Susan’s seasoned, strategic approach to business issues and complex communications projects. Adept at maneuvering through webs of tangled issues, Elford Communications helps build clarity of messaging and creates communications programs that move the business goals of the organization forward, through consensus-building and a team approach.

Contact Us for Not-for-profit organizations communications. They come to Elford Communications for Susan’s well-rounded experience in all facets of public relations and communications. With her skills and knowledge of big-picture strategy, coupled by simply knowing what it takes to get the job done, Elford Communications is at home delivering rock-star value on a NFP shoestring budget.

Small businesses come to Elford Communications to help them build communications programs to get them noticed. Susan is adept at working with her clients to help them fine-tune their key messaging, narrow down their target audiences and develop a winning approach to getting their story heard by those important to the success of their business.

What is leadership? What is your leadership style? When Susan first started formally studying leadership in 2008, she was blown away by the realization that she could rate her happiness and success at each position she held in her career by the style of leader she had as a boss. She knew then that leadership was not just important, but imperative to the success of an organization, a team, and an individual. Susan has been providing advice to leaders of organizations throughout her 20+ year career as a PR Consultant.

Calgary communications, Are you an Independent Entrepreneur with big dreams and a small budget? Are you lost in a sea of “where do I even start to promote my business?” Elford Communications can help by designing a customized, individual PR plan that works for you, or attend one of our group workshops on building a PR promotional plan for your business. Whatever your budget, Elford Communications can help you get your message out there. Running her own solopreneur operation since 2003, Susan Elford loves working with entrepreneurs who are following their dream of making their business come true. Susan has created some special package options just for you to help you work through the needed branding and goal-setting required before creating a dynamite public relations and communications plan for your business. Contact Susan for this special program tailored for the solopreneur’s needs and budget.

Do you have more ideas than time to implement them? Do you find yourself wondering what to do next in your business and how to get it all done? Having run her own business since 2003 and having worked with several business coaches in that time, Susan has found working with coaches hugely powerful in moving her life and her business forward in a way that matters to her. After all, when you own your own business, your business is your life! Now offering leadership coaching to her clients, Susan has a special interest in work/life balance and moving your career/business forward while putting family first. Trained through CTI, the Coaches Training Institute, Susan leads her clients through a powerful process that helps them become visionary leaders in their personal lives as well as in their businesses.

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