Are you a Corporation?

Corporations come to Elford Communications for Susan’s seasoned, strategic approach to business issues and complex communications projects. Adept at maneuvering through webs of tangled issues, Elford Communications helps build clarity of messaging and creates communications programs that move the business


Are you a Not-for-Profit?

  Not-for-profit organizations come to Elford Communications for Susan’s well-rounded experience in all facets of public relations and communications. With her skills and knowledge of big-picture strategy, coupled by simply knowing what it takes to get the job done, Elford


Are you a Small Business?

Small businesses come to Elford Communications to help them build communications programs to get them noticed. Susan is adept at working with her clients to help them fine-tune their key messaging, narrow down their target audiences and develop a winning approach

alone but connected

Are you a Solopreneur?

Are you an Independent Entrepreneur with big dreams and a small budget? Are you lost in a sea of “where do I even start to promote my business?” Elford Communications can help by designing a customized, individual PR plan that



  Do you have more ideas than time to implement them? Do you find yourself wondering what to do next in your business and how to get it all done? Having run her own business since 2003 and having worked


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What can Elford Communications do for you? Elford Communications is committed to helping clients shine by showcasing what makes them special, so they can be heard and seen, by those that matter to them – moving people and organizations forward